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Map3 Crypto Tech Year-in-review


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An Extraordinary Year

2022 was a great year for us as a company. We started in the late summer and have been working on our mission of making crypto interoperability accessible to every developer.

But it has also been a VERY eventful year for our industry.

As open-source contributors, we want to start a new year-end tradition. Every year want to go over our candid thoughts on how the Crypto Interoperability tech did. We also want to share some insights into the new year for the community.

The Map3 2022 Year-in-review goes over the top Crypto technical innovations that shipped and events that occurred. We review the principal themes and trends and make some predictions for how Crypto Payments & Interoperability will evolve over 2023 and beyond.

Join Mark, Phil and Amadeo, the founders of Map3, as they share their insights gathered after over 25 years of combined crypto products building.

Map3 Year-in-review Summary

1. If we look back at 2022, what will be the ONE industry theme for which we will remember 2022 and why?

  • Mark: The year that EVM-likes scaled
  • Phil: The proliferation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Amadeo: The year that DeFi got proven and beat CeFi

2. What ONE Technical Advancement of 2022 are you most excited about?

  • Mark: Zero-knowledge (ZK) Rollups
  • Phil: The Ethereum Merge
  • Amadeo: Native interoperability of networks (value & information)

3. What's your number ONE crypto tech prediction for 2023?

  • Mark: L2s will start dominating the market as competing L1s lose market share
  • Amadeo: Better native interoperability between networks of different architectures
  • Phil: Improved wallet cross-chain connectivity and the continued rise of mobile wallets

There is no doubt in our mind that Crypto is here to stay. 2023 will be a year of continued building and innovation.

Let's GO!!!

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