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Supercharging Deposits just got easier 💸


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Meet the Supercharge SDK

In December last year, we introduced the Map3 Payments SDK Alpha. In the last 60 days, we have been working with users to deploy it in their applications and incorporate feedback.

We have rebranded it from ‘Payments SDK’ to the more fun Supercharge SDK 😎

We are thrilled to announce that the Map3 Supercharge SDK is now in General Availability.

As part of this release, we are also launching our first Mobile SDK in Flutter.

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Supercharge SDK at a Glance

  1. Transaction Detection: Supercharge surfaces in-flight transactions, delivering a real-time account funding experience. Reduce anxiety for your users.
  2. Wallet and Exchange Integrations: Connect to top Wallets and Exchanges with a delightful Plaid-like checkout flow. Eliminate unidentified payments.
  3. Native Bridging: Users can pay in their preferred network. Assets are bridged to your enabled chains seamlessly. No backend changes are required.

We can integrate on a Web and Mobile Context via our SDK. Our JS SDK delivers the experience in a modal OR a pixel-embedded view and can be customized to match your brand. We also just launched our Flutter SDK for mobile and are working on native iOS, Android and react-native.

Here’s our documentation ➡️

Use Cases

We cater to the following use cases:

  1. Money Collection: Offramp, swap, and crypto invoices providers need to collect specific amounts of Crypto. We help them do that with less room for error across networks.
  2. Take Deposits across Networks: Your App or Dapp can accept deposits across networks. We monitor liquidity on bridges in real time and only offer routes to users if it's affordable.
  3. Supercharge your UX: Improve conversion and funding rates** **by pulling money directly from the sender’s account. Whether it’s or Metamask, Map3 meets users where they are.

Customer Segments

Our solution helps customers in the following Web3 verticals:

  • Crypto Exchanges
  • Offramp Providers (Sell or Swap)
  • Consumer Wallets
  • Neobanks that support Crypto
  • Crypto Invoicing Platforms
  • Crypto E-commerce Solutions
  • Crypto Treasury Solutions

Our vision is to make crypto interoperability accessible to every developer. Launching the Supercharge SDK gets us a step closer to it.

If this is something we can help you with, please let us know by signing up for our Alpha.

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