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Supercharge SDK Native Bridging Release



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tl;dr: We're excited to announce that Native Bridging is now out of beta and officially in GA mode.

💥 Boom! At Map3 we've been hard at work responding to customer requests for our Native Bridging product.

We've heard you, accepting deposits on L2's and more chains is an operational headache. Map3 flips the problem on its head. Instead of asking you to manage hot wallets and the complexity on your backend, we do the hard work for you by allowing your end-users to bridge into networks you already support.

You want something you can just drop into your app. Well, let us worry about the deposit experience, you focus on making your app awesome once the funds have arrived.

Map3's Native Bridging now seamlessly supports over 18 chains across more than 100 assets. Here's a snippet to show you just how easy it is to get funds from USDC on Polygon over to USDC on BNB Chain.

SDK Bridging Gif

Interested in getting started? Let's chat!

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